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Immune System

Importance of a Strong Immune System

Our immune system is made to combat pathogens with physical and biochemical barriers, specialized immune cells, and specifically targeted antibodies. The immune system also helps to repair damages caused by noxious insults from external factors including; environmental pollutants, and innate toxins in food.

Every stage of an immune response depends on the presence of certain and sufficient micronutrients. These specific micronutrients play vital and varied roles throughout the entire immune system. Thus, lacking sufficient micronutrient levels impairs the immune system and its ability to enable a response.

Without a strong, healthy immune system we leave ourselves open to infinite amount of pathogens and illness. Our unhealthy immune system would not be able to identify, attack, and/or neutralize a pathogen directly and increase the likelihood of infection and repeat infection.

The vitamins and supplements outlined in this section of Covid-19 are immensely important to gain and maintain a strong healthy immune system

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