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Patient Success Stories

We value our patients’ experience at Regain Functional Medicine + Aesthetics.

Below are some patient testimonials we wanted to share.


The staff and doctor were so knowledgeable and helpful. They understood where I was coming from and how they could customize my treatment to meet my needs. Highly recommend

Deb H.



I had treatment in my hips and knees three months ago. I’m doing well. I get up from a chair and start walking without stiffness. No pain in my knees, shins or in my legs. I’m very happy with the results.

Mariah H. (70’s)



I’ve been a client for nine months & the results have been wonderful!! The staff is knowledgeable & scheduling is a breeze!!

Krista S.



It’s still working! It’s been over a year now since my knees were treated.

Richard S. (70’s)



I feel like a woman again… I feel confident, attentive and so beyond thankful to the Regain Team. Everyone there is so kind and accommodating.

Paola O.



Doing great! My knees were treated in Dec and six weeks later I am back in the gym.

Michael H. (60’s)



My shoulder is way better! I am back working out again. The guys that know me in the gym and knew I was in pain are watching me work out and asking what I did to get better.

Eric W. (40’s)



The office staff are very knowledgeable and they listen to your concerns. I have never had more energy and focus, it’s really changing my life.

Burt Y.



My tendentious was better in 2-4 weeks. My shoulder took a little longer but now I feel wonderful. I felt frail before but now I feel sturdy.

Danny W. (40’s)



I feel better than I have in years. Everyone in the office is great and cares about helping you feel better. The location is convenient, service is incredible and is to fit in on a lunch hour! I would recommend them over and over!!

Debbie Z.



Just wanted to touch base to let you know that Jerry has greatly improved- his pain level is greatly reduced! He is able to sleep and his daily quality of life has also improved. We could identify and appreciate real change one week later. Thank you!

Jerry (80’s)



Wonderful staff. They listen and provide solutions. Highly recommend

Thomas & Jennifer W.



Hey Tony!! This is Alvaro, Angelica’s husband, my wife received treatment a few months ago, hopefully you remember us.

I just wanted to let you know that the treatment is working really well. My Wife has a lot more energy, she could do things with her hands now that she couldn’t before. She can cook an entire meal now and before she couldn’t. It is much less difficult for her, like today she felt a lot more comfortable cooking. She doesn’t get as tired during the day anymore. We are very happy with the results we’re seeing.

Thank you very much Tony!!

Angelica A. (40’s)

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