Unwanted Fat

Thanks to new technologies, it is now possible to reduce stubborn fat pockets and improve body contours without surgery, scars or downtime.

Is non-surgical fat reduction a good option for me?

For patients at or near their ideal body weight who do not need significant reshaping in an area, non-surgical treatments can be a great option to reduce isolated pockets of diet and exercise resistant fat without surgery, and with little to no downtime. However, it is important to have realistic expectations about what results a non-surgical treatment can achieve.

Benefits of non-surgical fat reduction

  • Little to no downtime is required
  • No general anesthesia, incisions or scars
  • Side effects are minimal for most patients
  • Gradual onset of results allows patients to be discreet about treatments
  • Results can last as long as a patient maintains his or her weight

Non-surgical body contouring includes much more than fat reduction. Today, you have options to smooth cellulite, tighten skin, and tone the underlying muscles. The guide below outlines your many options.

The best way to learn whether non-surgical fat reduction is suitable for your goals is to consult with Dr. Gaumer and her staff.

Regain Aesthetics Recommended Treatments for Unwanted Fat

What is Body Re-Composition?

The primary focus for our body re-composition program is not weight loss. Most of our patients have tried many eating plans and have not seen good results from them. In many instances they have followed a meal plans that are similar to the ones that we create. They have followed those meal plans stringently, and it didn’t work for them. The problem is not the meal plan. Meal plans are not magic simply because we write them out for the patient. There are no magic formulas for effective fat metabolism and lean mass gains. In most cases that we see the problem is internal dysfunction. The patient’s body simply is not working right, its functionally broken. We liken it to a car whose tires are flat. It will start and move, but not at all effectively.

Our first and primary objective is to ascertain where that dysfunction or brokenness is and then effectively address that. When we create a better functioning body the result of fat loss follows. We utilize our eating plans and the different products and or prescriptions available to us as medical providers to create optimal healthy internal function. Once we accomplish that we can achieve the goal weight in terms of Body Fat and Lean Body Mass.

We train the patient regarding their own bodily function. Once we understand what is really going on, we can move the patient along in a healthy process to achieve their ideal weight.

Hormone replenishment: is fundamental to a healthy functioning body. Depleted sex hormones (Testosterone, Estrogen, Progesterone and Thyroid) lead to fat gain and muscle loss. That dysfunction must be treated in order gain and to maintain a healthy body composition.

Body Composition Analysis: Each patient starts with a body composition measurement utilizing the most accurate bio impedance machine available in the market.

On Going Body Composition Analysis: Your total body weight is a composite of pounds of Lean Body Mass and pounds of Body Fat Mass. Most people need to lose body fat and gain lean muscle mass. Total weight should be determined by healthy patient specific proportions of each part of the composition. The focus should not be on losing weight. The focus should be on gaining lean body mass and losing body fat. We consistently evaluate composite weight to determine if we are effectively metabolizing (losing) body fat. By measuring and monitoring the kind of weight that the patient is losing we can identify underlying dysfunction that we may miss if we are only tracking aggregate weight loss and not the actual composition of aggregate pounds lost.

Ideal Weight: Patient goal weight is determined by deriving the ideal composite weight in Total Lean Body Mass and Total Body Fat Mass in pounds for each patient. These composites are derived based upon the patient’ s lifestyle and history. Ideal weight is not determined by a chart or graph but rather by the lifestyle and history of the patient. Ideal weight is patient specific. Over the last decade our ideal composite weight has proven to be a reliable end goal.


Coaching – Patients receive guidance and coaching in their journey to their ideal weight. Our medical staff is trained to create a functional body and they have all the medical tools at their disposal to create optimal healthy internal function.

Appetite suppressants – When a patient struggles to get off sugar and carbs we often use appetite suppressants. We may also employ them from time to time as we move toward our weight goal. We prefer the appetite suppressant Phentermine.

Targeted injectables for energy, fat metabolism, muscle building, liver function and brain energy – We employ specific injectables when the need arises in order to create better healthier bodily function.

Optimal Hormone Recipes: Patients that receive hormone/Testosterone replacement all feel better with their current hormone formula. However, when engaged in the Body Re-Composition Program we move past simply feeling better and begin to adjust the formula’s so that the patient has more energy, maintains lean mass, and more effectively metabolizes body fat. In our ongoing body composition analysis, we can then make these more refined adjustments to their formula’s. We often find that a marginal adjustment in the formula can make a big difference in respect to internal function. In our Body Composition Program, the patient moves past merely feeling Better to a more body functional focus based upon their ongoing response in the program.

Patient Specific Meal Plans: An eating strategy is originated for each patient. Changes are made as necessary upon further body composition reports. There are certain objectives for different meal plans. They must be specific to the patient. They are oriented to maximize fat loss and minimize muscle loss. The eating plan is evolved to that end. The ultimate objective is that each patient will understand how they should eat for their bodies. Once this is understood our patients can effectively maintain their healthy weight.

Calorie Counting: The patient must be moved from the calorie counting paradigm to an appetite listening model. Removing appetite distorters empowers patients to understand the language of their body. Their appetite. Though we do utilize appetite suppressants in the program to effectively move the patient to their weight goal, ultimately appetite should not be suppressed but rather freed, understood and acted on. We find that the calorie counting model is not an effective approach to achieving ideal weight nor is it an effective way to sustain healthy weight.

Exercise: Exercise with the objective of burning calories and losing weight is not an effective approach to achieving ideal weight. Fat weight is not ‘exercised’ off the body but rather ‘eaten’ off the body. Exercise is effective for heart health and lean mass gains. Exercise programs are advised toward that end. Muscle mass is exercised on to the body. So, we are not in the gym to lose weight but rather to gain pounds in Lean Body Mass. Therefore, we ‘train to gain’ and we ‘eat to lose’. Fat loss is in the kitchen and mass gains are in the gym. We often break these apart and pause on our exercise regimens while we focus on creating the kind of internal function so that our bodies become better at burning body fat. We find that the body best performs, and we achieve our goal more quickly when we operate in one mode at a time. First, lose the fat, then gain the mass. We do recognize that some of our patients need to maintain their exercise regimens. We simply adjust their mindset so that they more clearly understand what they are doing.

Plateaus: Almost every patient must work through plateaus in weight. The more Body Fat Mass we need to lose the more frequently the patient will face the dreaded plateaus. We have developed techniques to work through plateaus. It is simply a reality that at times we must patiently wait for the body to move. Plateaus are a reality and can be emotionally trying. Our focus is on the process. A right process will always lead to the right result. A wrong process will never achieve a right result. The process then becomes the result. We do everything we can to lessen plateau time. We are always with our patients in the journey and encourage them to stay focused and finally win the objective of a healthy lean body.

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