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Testosterone Replacement for Men in Overland Park & Kansas City, KS

Men’s Functional Medicine


Regain Functional Medicine has helped very many men regain their quality of life with Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT). As the male body ages, it becomes increasingly unable to produce healthy levels of the primary male hormone, testosterone. The negative symptoms associated with testosterone depletion are often attributed to aging, and therefore many doctors do not consider low testosterone as a treatable condition.

As the male body ages testosterone levels steadily decline and cause a variety of unwanted changes in the male body. Men with low levels of testosterone tend to feel a diminishing life drive, less interested in intimacy, less active and less attractive. Medical research has helped to understand the affect that sub-optimal Testosterone levels have on the male body. Andropause is the medical term for age-related testosterone depletion.

Fortunately, we now understand why our bodies physically change throughout the aging process and utilize BHRT to address these symptoms and restore your natural testosterone levels

If you have any of these symptoms, let’s talk

  • Di­min­ished drive
  • Di­min­ished li­bido
  • Erectile dys­func­tion
  • In­creased risk of dia­betes
  • In­creased blood pres­sure
  • Poor body com­pos­i­tion
  • In­crease in body fat
  • De­crease in lean muscle mass
  • An­emia
  • Loss of bone dens­ity (os­teo­porosis)
  • In­som­nia
  • Joint pain and back­ache
  • Men­tal fa­tigue
  • Low en­ergy
  • In­creased for­get­ful­ness
  • Ir­rit­ab­il­ity
  • De­pressed mood

If you’re ready to discuss testosterone replacement, fill out this form or call us now at (913) 291-8555.

Benefits of Natural Testosterone Replacement Therapy for Men:

  • Increased drive
  • Increased libido
  • Increased muscle mass
  • Reduced body fat
  • Better focus & memory
  • Decrease in blood pressure
  • Decrease in cholesterol levels
  • Improved sleep
  • Better mood

Do you suspect that you have low testosterone? A simple blood test can be performed to find out for sure. If, after proper testing, you do find that you have a testosterone deficiency, our Kansas doctors have natural solutions that can help.

If you think you might need TRT in Overland Park, Olathe, Shawnee, Lenexa, Lawrence, Manhattan, Leawood or any city in Johnson County, call us today at (913) 291-8555 to schedule a free consultation.

“It has helped me sleep and perform in life better.”
“Testosterone replacement has helped my body grow and lean down while my brain has cleared. It has helped me sleep and perform in life better.


“It rejuvenated my body, and changed my life.”
“I’m 53 years old and got into physical fitness on a regular bases in the early 90’s. I had 2 hip replacements in 2012, and 2014. I gained quite a bit of weight, and lost a significant amount of energy, and motivation, and sex drive. A friend told me about low testosterone. I visited Regain in June of 2015, and started treatment. I’ve lost 50 pounds, my body fat went from 24 percent to 10.1. My energy, motivation, and sex drive is unbelievable. It rejuvenated my body, and changed my life. I haven’t felt this good, or looked this good ever, and the staff is amazing.”


“I’m full of energy, significant increase in libido , and overall well being is great. The staff at Regain is the best!!”
“My happy experience with Regain Natural Hormone Center!! In Feb 2016 I decided to give testosterone treatment a try with Regain. I had been feeling lethargic , low libido , and not feeling my usual upbeat self. Within a few weeks I noticed a big change. I’m full of energy, significant increase in libido , and overall well being is great. The staff at Regain is the best!!

Joe J


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