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Nonsurgical Body Contouring

Getting your body to the next level requires next-level treatments. And no, we’re not talking about surgery. Nonsurgical body sculpting can help you look better and function better by melting stubborn fat and toning muscle.

Aesthetics innovations like PHYSIQ have revolutionized body sculpting by providing transformative results without the need to go under the knife. PHYSIQ is most commonly used to treat the abdomen, flanks, buttocks, thighs, legs, and arms.

Regain Functional Medicine + Aesthetics is proud to offer noninvasive body sculpting in Kansas City to help you achieve the silhouette of your dreams.

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Body Services

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Duration of results

Fat melting – permanent, Muscle building – varies



What it Treats

Excess body fat

Lack of muscle tone

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Physiq + Virtue RF Microneedling

We are absolutely thrilled about the groundbreaking advancement in skincare with VirtueRF, a revolutionary technology that seamlessly merges radiofrequency and microneedling. This innovative treatment precisely delivers energy at specific depths, making it the ultimate solution for tightening and enhancing skin texture and laxity. Particularly exciting is the positive impact it can have on new or experienced moms striving to achieve their desired body goals, offering a transformative and confidence-boosting finalizing step in their contouring journey.

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Ask about our BodyRight Package*! This unique combination of Physiq Body Contouring and Virtue RF Microneedling can can truly transform and enhance your overall appearance!

This package includes ten (10) Physiq Body Contouring sessions and three (3) Deep Radio Frequency Microneedling treatments on abdomen, buttocks, arms or inner/outer thigh.

Benefits: Physiq destroys fat cells, builds muscle, flushes fat, and sculpts body. Deep RF Microneedling tightens loose skin and lightens scarring. Not only will you have a slim new silhouette to show off, you’ll have smooth, fresh skin to pair with it as well. The BodyRight package is a truly effective way to rejuvenate your appearance and take back your confidence.

*qualifies for in-house interest-free financing!

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