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Why Choose Vectra 3D?

Informed Solutions

At Regain, we want to help people feel their best using untraditional methods. We want to develop natural, nonsurgical treatments. And we can do that with the help of the Vectra 3D Imaging System!

The Vectra 3D Imaging System allows us to image your entire body. With this technology, we can get a better idea of how one of our treatments may affect your skin and body and, therefore, your conditions. A scan with the Vectra Imaging System lets us construct a more informed treatment plan.

A New You

Aging and the environment can take a toll on your skin.  But we want to change all that—we want to help you take back control of your appearance through our treatments.

When we scan your skin with Vectra 3D, we get a more complete picture of your skin’s current condition. These detailed scans will allow us to find the treatments that will be most effective for you.

The Pinnacle of Self-Care

Nobody should walk through life lacking confidence. Our 3D skin scans will allow us to get you the treatment that you need. You won’t need to feel self-conscious anymore—you can feel your best every day.

Aesthetic Consultation in Kansas City

Transform Yourself. Live Life to the Fullest.

At Regain Functional Medicine + Aesthetics, we aim to do things differently. You won’t just look better—you’ll feel better, too. We want to enhance your quality of life at every opportunity.

We want to do more than simply treat your symptoms. We want to figure out what caused them in the first place, so you can see real improvement from the ground up.

In the human body, nothing happens in a vacuum. If you want to repair one system, you need to look at the body as a whole.

We aim to approach things differently than other clinics. We use a combination of nontraditional methods to boost your mobility, energy, sex drive, skin quality, and more. We don’t just aim to improve one or two of your individual traits. We want to transform you, inside and out.

Our main goal at Regain is to make you better. When one of your body’s features begins to improve, you’ll want to enhance the rest to keep up. You’re not just going to want to look better, but feel better, move better, and function better, too.

Your Functional Health Journey

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