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Microneedling stimulates the skin’s natural healing process and collagen production from the inside out. When combined with radiofrequency (RF), the effects are even greater.

Handheld machines with tiny needles are used to create minuscule controlled injuries on your face and body, and the RF function allows the device to treat the surface and deep skin tissue without having to penetrate the skin very deep at all.

Regain Functional Medicine + Aesthetics offers RF microneedling in Kansas City to provide brighter, smoother, tighter,  younger-looking skin.

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VirtueRF Wins Good Housekeeping’s 2024 Best Beauty Award!

The scientists in the Good Housekeeping Beauty Lab follow stringent industry protocols to evaluate beauty products — from face and body skincare to haircare, technology and more — throughout the year. Over 800 products were evaluated by tabulating more than 8,000 data points to find the winners.

VirtueRF wins for BEST PRO RESURFACING TREATMENT for harnessing the popular combination of radiofrequency and microneedling with minimal pain, no downtime and visible results!


Treatment Details

Treatment Type

Skin Rejuvenation

# of treatments needed


Duration of results

1 year


24 hours

What it Treats

Volume loss

Poor skin tone

Poor skin laxity

Diminished collagen production

Skin discoloration

Stretch Marks

Acne Scarring

Physiq + Virtue RF Microneedling

We are absolutely thrilled about the groundbreaking advancement in skincare with VirtueRF, a revolutionary technology that seamlessly merges radiofrequency and microneedling. This innovative treatment precisely delivers energy at specific depths, making it the ultimate solution for tightening and enhancing skin texture and laxity. Particularly exciting is the positive impact it can have on new or experienced moms striving to achieve their desired body goals, offering a transformative and confidence-boosting finalizing step in their healing journey.

Read more here!

Ask about our BodyRight Package*! This unique combination of Physiq Body Contouring and Virtue RF Microneedling can can truly transform and enhance your overall appearance!

This package includes ten (10) Physiq Body Contouring sessions and three (3) Deep Radio Frequency Microneedling treatments on abdomen, buttocks, arms or inner/outer thigh.

BenefitsPhysiq destroys fat cells, builds muscle, flushes fat, and sculpts body. Deep RF Microneedling tightens loose skin and lightens scarring.

*qualifies for in-house interest-free financing!


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