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As we get older, we begin to notice changes in some unexpected areas. But you don’t have to let these changes dominate your life.

The aging process may negatively affect your sexual wellness and lifestyle. Whether caused by hormonal changes like menopause or the effects of childbirth, you may begin to notice symptoms like dryness in the vagina or difficulty reaching orgasm.

Many women come to us feeling frustrated and overwhelmed by these symptoms, but we have a solution. At Regain Functional Medicine + Aesthetics, the O-Shot in Lawrence can be the relief you’re looking for.

A certified provider will start by injecting platelet-rich plasma derived from your own blood into the treatment area, the powerful growth factors can lead to rejuvenated vaginal health and great improvements to your sex life.

If you think this treatment could be the right choice for you, come let us know today.

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Treatment Details

Treatment Type

Sexual Health

  • # of treatments needed

Usually 3 over the course of 3 months

  • Duration of results

6-12 months


There is no downtime required following your appointment!

Where You Will See Effects

Greater sensation

Increased arousal

Less urine leakage

More intense orgasms

Increased natural lubrication

The O-Shot’s results are being noticed by women all over the world. One of the platforms that has recognized this treatment is Goop! Goop is greatly aware of the benefits of nontraditional women’s wellness treatment. When organizations like this one acknowledge the benefits of this technology, women everywhere can feel comfortable scheduling a treatment for themselves.

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