Volume Loss

Why does the skin lose volume as we age?

From wrinkles and fine lines to the loss of volume and skin tone, changes to the facial skin are a natural part of the aging process. The loss of volume, particularly on the face, is something that is caused by a range of factors including:

Changes due to hormones – as we age, our body produces fewer hormones which affects how the body maintains and distributes fat. With fewer hormones, collagen, and elastin volume can be lost. This results in sagging skin and volume that shifts to the lower half of the face instead.

Environmental factors – environmental factors can also influence the loss of facial volume. Smoking, UV damage, stress and pollution can break down collagen in the facial skin which results in a loss of volume over time.

Can loss of volume be reversed?

Loss of volume is something that can be reversed with dermal fillers and Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP). Fillers use hyaluronic acid—a substance found throughout the body—to provide immediate volume to the injection areas.

Dermal fillers and PRP can be injected into the facial skin at a range of points, including the lips, nose, cheeks, chin and jaw. This adds volume quickly to areas where volume has changed, and can help to ensure a more youthful appearance. Hyaluronic acid is an incredibly versatile solution. This can be injected as small, fine amounts in very small spaces, like under the eye, or in the tear trough, while also replacing larger quantities of volume in the cheeks or jaw.

PRP uses the body’s own regenerative ability to induce natural collagen development over the span of several months. This way, you are getting immediate and prolonged results!

Am I a good candidate for volume loss treatments?

You could be a great candidate for volume loss treatment if you are concerned about sagging skin, jowls, loss of facial volume or other similar cosmetic concerns.

Regain Aesthetics Recommended Treatments for Volume Loss

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