Cellulite Treatments





9:00am July1 - 2:00pm September 28

Introducing Storz Acoustic Wave Therapy for Cellulite! 

Discover a revolutionary approach to cellulite reduction with our advanced Acoustic Wave Therapy. By harnessing the power of acoustic sound waves, our treatment targets and revitalizes specific tissue areas. These waves penetrate deeply into the skin, spreading across wide regions to stimulate and rejuvenate the underlying layers. The result? Smoother, firmer skin with a noticeable reduction in cellulite. Experience the transformation with a method that’s both gentle and highly effective. Say goodbye to cellulite and hello to confidence with our cutting-edge treatment.


Indicators That You Might Be an Ideal Candidate for Treatment:
  • any stage of cellulite
  • loss of skin flexibility and tensity
  • local excess of adipose tissue
  • skin lumpiness after liposuction performed earlier
  • lymphostasis and oedema within legs


Effects of Treatment:
  • reduction of cellulite
  • smoothing skin and enhancing its flexibility
  • breakup and reduction of adipose tissue
  • decrease of body circumference
  • reduction of oedema


Understanding What Cellulite Is and How to Treat It

Cellulite is a common and harmless condition that results in lumpy, dimpled skin on areas such as the thighs, hips, buttocks, and abdomen. Although it doesn’t pose a health risk, cellulite can disrupt the smooth appearance of the skin, often causing self-consciousness about one’s looks.

To effectively tackle cellulite, a combination of professional treatments and lifestyle changes is often advised. Maintaining a balanced diet, staying well-hydrated, and engaging in regular physical exercise can enhance overall skin health. These practices can help diminish the appearance of cellulite and boost your confidence in the smoothness of your skin.


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