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July 1, 2024 - September 28, 2024

Terrific Scientifics…

HYP Daily Repairing Mist

Drop-in on a next-level skincare journey with HYP Daily Repairing Mist–the ultimate all-day spray for happier, healthier skin.

HYP Daily Repairing Mist is powered by hypochlorous acid – a molecular superhero made naturally by the human body to repair aggravated skin. With HYP, you’ll love the iconic, natural clean that comes from using the only 100% organic hypochlorous acid-based skincare in the U.S. Loved by people with all types of skin, use HYP on your face (or anywhere!) morning, night, and throughout the day to fight acne-causing bacteria, redness, inflammation, and dry skin.

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