Hydrating Facials

Regain Hydrating Facials

A Regain customized medical facial can be done to isolate the exact ingredients (antioxidants, peptides, vitamins, hydrating and healing) and quantities necessary to deliver the building blocks to give your skin what it needs to function better and look better!


Our Aesthetician will meet with you and perform an Environ triple cleanse. Following your cleansing, an assessment of your skin is made to help determine what facials and products are right for you.

With each Hydrating facial treatment, an exfoliating mask or peel is used to help turn over dead skin cells and renew the skin. If needed, extractions and steam may be used to help unclog and detoxify the pores.

A treatment or hydrating mask is then applied to help create a brighter and more balanced complexion.

Finally, application of finishing products such as clinical serums, SPF, eye care, and lip therapy will leave your skin protected and hydrated.

Our Aesthetician will then provide you an overall skin care/aesthetic strategy that meets the needs of your skin as well as the goals you have for your look.

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