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Introduction to Regain Functional Medicine

Feel better, function better, move better and look better. Our mission and an overview of the services we offer.

How Often Will I Need Treatment?

We typically treat our patients every 7 days for optimal function.

Womens Health Initiative Explained

The study called The Women's Health Initiative (WHI), created confusion, fear and misinformation.

Testosterone During Menopause

Dr. Gaumer explains that we often treat women that are not yet in Menopause and yet have the symptoms associated with low testosterone.

Symptoms of Low Testosterone

Dr. Gaumer explains the negative symptoms that we resolve with Testosterone Treatment.

What Are Symptoms of Depleted Estrogen?

Dr. Gaumer explains symptoms and what causes depleted estrogen.

What is Menopause?

Dr. Gaumer explains that Menopause happens when our ovaries are no longer are able to produce healthy levels of hormones.

Symptoms of Menopause

Dr. Gaumer explains what menopause is and the symptoms associated with it.

Will Hormones Cause Cancer?

Dr. Gaumer explains that Bio-Identical Hormones that we use does not cause cancer.

Hormones Post Cancer

Dr. Gaumer discusses treatment options for those that have had cancer.

How Long Can I Do the Treatment?

Dr. Gaumer explains that there is no time limit for our treatments.

How Do I Give Myself Injections?

Dr. Gaumer explains our self injection protocol both in terms of the frequency of the injections as well as where on our body do we self inject.

How is My Hormone Dose Determined?

Dr. Gaumer answers our process for determining the hormone recipe for each patient.

What Women Should Expect on Their First Visit

What females can expect as a new patient starting bio-identical hormone replacement therapy.

Meet Dr. Kathy Gaumer, MD

Dr. Gaumer discusses the benefit of Hormone/Testosterone replacement for Physiologic (Body), Heart and Brain Health.

Does Testosterone Replacement Cause Testicular Atrophy?

Some men do experience testicular atrophy (shrinkage) with testosterone replacement.

Does Testosterone Replacement Cause Prostate Cancer?

Testosterone replacement does not cause prostate cancer.

Cholesterol Lowering Drugs and Testosterone

Cholesterol lowering drugs do impair the bodies ability to produce healthy levels of testosterone.

Does Testosterone Help Depression and Anxiety?

Testosterone is very helpful for depression and anxiety.

How Will My Natural Testosterone Levels Be Impacted?

Testosterone treatment will not permanently shut down our bodies ability to make testosterone.

Does Testosterone Replacement Cause Blood Clots?

Testosterone does not cause blood clots. Testosterone will enhance red blood cell proliferation and elevate hemoglobin.

How is My Testosterone Dose Determined?

We employ two methodologies to determine if a man has low testosterone.

Testosterone for Anxiety & Depression

Tony eplains that testosterone is firstly a brain hormone. Testosterone can be an effective treatment for depression and anxiety.

Testosterone Treatment for Men

We use injection therapy as well as pellet therapy as different treatment modalities.

Functional Medicine Overview

Listen in as the staff and patietns discuss Regain's Funcitonal Meidcine Treatments and the impact they have had on their lives.

Functional Medicine/Hormone Replacement Therapy

Watch as Tony explains how functional medicine actually WORKS.