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Vitamin Injectables

Most of the vitamins and minerals that we offer in an infusion treatment format can also be effectively administered in a series of single injections administered weekly for one or more months.

Infusing and injecting vitamins and minerals offer a significant advantage in that this treatment format enables close to 100% of the vitamins and minerals to be delivered directly into your blood stream. Vitamins and minerals taken orally have a much lower absorption rate. The absorption rate declines with age.

IV therapy enables the vitamins and minerals to be available to your body immediately. Injections have the same absorption rate, but they are picked up in your blood stream a little more slowly and last a little longer.

Why Choose Injection Therapy Over an IV?

Lots of our patients don’t have the necessary time for an IV. For instance an NAD+ infusion protocol requires two infusion sessions lasting 2 1/2 hours per session. We can achieve the same goal by providing the patient with the NAD+ regimen in injectable format. We typically provide a month of the injections. The patient can self administer that particular vitamin or mineral each week for one month. For many of our patients that is a more attractive option in terms of time.

Some patients have a particular need that they want to address. We are able to target that need specifically and often provide higher quantities of the needed supplement delivered weekly over the month period.

What Kinds of Injection Therapy Do You Offer?

Learn more about the types of vitamin injectables available at our Kansas clinics:

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