Semaglutide in Leawood

Maintaining Your Results From Semaglutide in Leawood

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Achieving your goal weight is a monumental accomplishment, but unfortunately, only about 10% of people manage to keep the weight off. Maintaining a healthy weight is just as complex as getting there, so there’s no “one-size-fits-all” solution.

That’s why Regain Functional Medicine + Aesthetics offers personalized medical weight loss. Our medical providers understand the science behind your struggles and work with you to find realistic healthy habits and expedite your results with medications like semaglutide. Regain’s team is committed to demystifying weight loss, so we’ve outlined exactly what goes into maximizing your self-investment with semaglutide in Leawood. 

Your Initial Results From Semaglutide

In Leawood and Lawrence, our dedicated weight loss specialists have cleared the path towards the happiest, healthiest version of men and women of all backgrounds. Semaglutide is a revolutionary weekly injectable that suppresses your appetite, making dieting—which is 80% responsible for determining your weight—simple!

When paired with a balanced, nutritious diet and regular exercise, our patients lose 15 to 20% of their body weight. Everyone’s starting point, end goal, and routine look different, so how long you stay on semaglutide is, too. Your provider will help you track your progress, adjust your doses, and help you decide when you’re ready to quit injections once you’ve achieved a healthy weight by closely following your BMI

Achieving Lasting Results From Semaglutide

Our providers are passionate about seeing you thrive long-term, so we don’t abandon you once you’ve stopped injections because we understand that the work isn’t done. As you wean off the medication, your appetite will slowly return, which is why we prioritize developing healthy habits early on. We’ll invite you to check in with us regularly, so we can continue tracking your BMI and help you tweak your lifestyle as needed. 

We understand that, despite your best efforts, some uncontrollable factors are still at play. If you’re struggling to keep the weight off, we may perform blood tests and analyze your hormone levels to locate the root of the issue. If we find that your hormone levels are lacking, we may suggest our program for HRT for weight loss in Kansas City to get your metabolism back on track. 

Regain Your Health and Confidence

To function, look, and feel better than ever, Regain is here to determine the right solutions for your unique needs. Not sure if semaglutide in Leawood is right for you? Explore your best options online today with our virtual treatment planning tool, or request a consultation to meet face-to-face with a specialist!