Supplement v. Solution: Skincare Supplements for Acne in Lawrence

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Our practice believes that improving the look, function, and feel of your skin takes more than just the right pills. Skincare supplements for acne in Lawrence can help to clear things up, but for complete, lasting results, Regain Functional Medicine + Aesthetics has a few recommendations. Here’s how our favorite solutions compare to common supplements.

Boosting Collagen

Acne scars happen due to collagen loss after treating severe acne. However, simply taking collagen supplements won’t directly heal existing acne scars. This is because collagen molecules are too large to penetrate the skin to fill in scar tissue. So, while supplements may be helpful in preventing harsh acne scars, our specialists ensure the smoothest recovery possible with proven collagen boosting solutions.

Supplement: Collagen Peptides

To counteract acne scars, many supplements include collagen peptides to improve the quality and health of your skin. To make a full recovery, additional collagen is an effective ingredient in many skincare supplements for acne in Lawrence. However, our solutions take recovery and prevention to a whole new level!

Solution: Virtue RF

To boost healthy cell turnover throughout your skin, Regain recommends Virtue RF Microneedling This treatment not only boosts your natural cell turnover, it also helps your skin naturally build healthy colllagen! Fresh, healthy skin is your ticket to fewer breakouts and a more youthful glow.


By combining powerful radiofrequencies and clinically precise microneedling, this device penetrates deep into your skin to disrupt the existing cellular makeup. In turn, this disruption triggers your natural healing process. Whether you’re looking to say goodbye to acne scars or just want to prevent premature aging, Virtue RF can help!

Solution: Oxygen Facial

Our most effective solution for boosting total skin health deeply rejuvenates the skin and prevents further breakouts! The ECHO2 oxygen facial treats the skin with millions of oxygen molecules while boosting skin health with antioxidants and minerals. This option rejuvenates the skin by exfoliating, oxygenating, clearing, and hydrating. Let’s see your favorite supplement do all that!

Keeping Skin Healthy

Key nutrients play a crucial role in preventing acne by influencing several factors that contribute to its development. But keep in mind that acne is a complex condition with various contributing factors. So, while proper nutrition can help to prevent acne, it’s not a guaranteed cure. That’s why Regain uses other tools and products alongside nourishing solutions to treat and prevent acne.

Supplement: Vitamins

In addition to vitamin C, many supplements also include vitamins A and E to further improve your skin’s function and overall health. These vitamins are proven to reduce inflammation, increase blood flow, and promote healthy cell regeneration. All these properties come together to help prevent acne from forming while promoting healthy skin for the long haul.

Solution: HydraFacial

It’s hard to beat a HydraFacial if you’re looking to properly nourish your skin! With absolutely no downtime, quick treatment, and an array of boosters for every skin concern, this treatment comes highly recommended by patients and professionals alike! 

The HydraFacial cleanses, exfoliates, and infuses vital nutrients into your skin with serums designed to refresh your skin completely. For a complete, in-depth acne treatment, Regain goes where no skincare supplement for acne in Lawrence can.

Complete Acne Therapy at Regain

At Regain, we take a personalized approach to acne therapy because no two people have the same skin. Your skin is totally unique to you, so why would you only trust the same solutions as everyone else? To get true, lasting relief from acne, our specialists will design your custom treatment plan around your unique concerns. Our complete acne therapy includes options like microneedling, CoolPeel, and our ECHO2 oxygen facial. 

Regain Your Ideal Skin

To prevent acne and promote total skin health, Regain Functional Medicine + Aesthetics is excited to help find the right options for you! Take our quiz to find the right skincare solution for you, or request an appointment to help your skin look, function, and feel better than ever!

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