BHRT For Men

Hormones are often talked about in regards to women. While it’s common for women to experience, and be more open about hormone imbalances and the side effects that come with them, they’re not the only ones worth noting. Low testosterone in men is an extremely common occurrence not often talked about by men, though it should be. As you age, hormone levels become increasingly low, posing a thread of symptoms and side effects. While you may not initially think it, there have been multiple health issues that have spiraled into effect due to the lack of proper testosterone levels.

Today let’s take a look at what testosterone does in the body, the statistics of testosterone levels at certain ages, the side effects and health problems associated with low testosterone, and finally, how to combat and reverse all of them

The Role Of Testosterone

Typically, the reality of what low testosterone does to the body is downplayed or made light of. To help give a clear picture of what approaches should be taken with low testosterone, it’s important to understand the role they play. Testosterone is the hormone that is required for sexual development and function in a man. It is also responsible for facial hair, muscle development, and voice fluctuations as puberty takes place. At the peak of puberty, boys will have the highest levels of testosterone that will remain until they reach their 30’s. Though testosterone is not the only hormone present in men, it is one of the most common that cause issues with their health and daily life.

The Role of Testosterone For Men Leawood, KS

Low-T Signs & Symptoms

Depending on age and any injuries that may have occurred to the testicles, hormone levels will continue to decrease in men as they age. As a result, men may start to notice subtle changes in their energy levels or moods. Here is a breakdown of the common signs of low testosterone.

Erection Difficulty

As we previously stated, testosterone is responsible for the sexual development and functioning of men. Once the levels start plummeting, it’s possible for maintaining a reaction will be difficult. Take note this does not mean men will not be able to achieve an erection, however difficulty associated with it is possible. On the other end of the spectrum, men may experience random erections during the day, or even during sleep. If you are having difficulty achieving erections or maintaining them, consult your physician as the source may be caused by other health issues.

Muscle Depletion

Testosterone is also responsible for muscle development and definition. Because of this, one of the common symptoms for low testosterone is a decrease in the mass of muscle and definition. It can be misleading if you have started to notice your muscle mass lessening, and it’s typical for you to attempt to reverse the effects by trying to rebuild it using extra weights or increasing your exercise. However, when muscle depletion is due to low hormones, trying to regain muscle mass can be difficult and should be combated on a hormonal level rather than a physical level

Mood Swings

Too often, men don’t realize they are just as susceptible to mood swings due to hormonal imbalance as women are. As more research has been done, studies are showing that men with low testosterone levels are far more likely to experience irritability, difficulty focusing, and even depression. It’s important if you start to notice a change in your mood that is abnormal, consult your physician. Often times men don’t get a check up with these symptoms until if affects their sexual life and it can pose health issues and unnecessary strain mentally and emotionally.

Body Fat Increase

In addition to decreasing muscle definition, low testosterone will also cause an increase in body fat. More research is being done on how testosterone affects the way your body stores fat, and often times men will notice an increase in fat on their chest.

Decreased Libido

One of the most common symptoms associated with low testosterone levels is a low libido (sex drive). It is common for men to experience a decreased libido as they age, but those with low testosterone will experience a drastic decrease in their libido.

Lack of Energy

Having a lack of energy can be caused by an array of things, low testosterone being one of them. If you’re noticing a difficulty in sleeping, or you are exhausted regardless of how much sleep you get, this could be a symptom of low testosterone. Additionally, if you’re finding it difficult to be motivated to engage in physical activity is also an indicator of low testosterone.

Low-T Signs & Symptoms Leawood, KS

Plus many more. The severity and types of symptoms experienced are dependent on how low the level of testosterone actually is. If you are starting to see these symptoms arise and catching your attention, consult a physician and take a test to find out if you are, in fact, experiencing low testosterone.