Menopause & Weight Gain

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Though each woman’s experience with menopause is unique, each one can agree the symptoms associated with menopause add extra difficulty to daily life. Menopause happens in three stages:

  • Perimenopause- occurs 8 to 10 years prior to menopause.
  • Menopause- typically starts in the late 40’s to early 50’s.
  • Postmenopause- when you don’t have your period for an entire year, postmenopause starts.

Each of these stages brings an influx of hormones and symptoms. With your body producing less hormones necessary for balance of moods, weight, and the like, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and consistent weight can present extra difficulties. It’s simplest form, menopause is the result of decreased hormones in the body. These hormones include estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone.

Estrogen & Progesterone

When you experience a decrease in estrogen, the body will search for other sources of estrogen, which it will source from your fat cells. As a result, your body will begin to turn your calories into to fat in order to compensate for the lack of estrogen. As far as progesterone goes, the part it plays in weight gain is less direct and more deceptive than estrogen. While it doesn’t hold on to your body’s fat cells, low progesterone will ignite your body to retain more water, which causes bloating. The more you bloat, the bigger you feel and the more snug your clothes will be.

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Testosterone In Women

To complete the trifecta of weight affiliation due to hormonal imbalance comes the final contributor, testosterone. Maintaining muscle mass and improving muscle development is testosterone’s main role. The cells of the muscle that it aids in developing also is responsible for your metabolism. When testosterone decreases, so does your muscle mass. Because of the responsibility of these muscle cells, when there is a lack of them present, your metabolism will lower, also resulting in weight gain.

Hormonal Control

Though diet and exercise are crucial and play a large role in weight management and health, hormones are the foundation of it all. When it comes to hormonal imbalance, diet and exercise are futile in achieving or maintaining ideal weight. Even with a vigorous and strict program, when you’re dealing with menopause in any stage, you will not see the results you’re looking for. However, if these hormones can be restored to their necessary levels, weight gain becomes much more manageable.

Weight gain is only one of the many symptoms menopause brings.

Other symptoms include:
  • Lower libido
  • Hot flashes
  • Mood swings
  • Depression
  • Vaginal dryness
  • Night sweats
  • Hair loss
  • Urinary incontinence

Plus many more. However, this is not a dead end, Regain is here to help. Bio identical hormone replacement therapy has been shown to decrease, and even eradicate, menopausal symptoms as well as help with weight gain. Using the result from your own test, we design a specific solution to directly meet the hormonal needs and imbalances of your body. You don’t have to be a victim of your symptoms, Regain can help you recapture the time you’ve lost. Learn more about our Intimate Shot and hormonal weight loss program today.