New Year, New You?

There IS a connection between weight gain and a testosterone, estrogen and progesterone deficiency in both men and women. We’d like to kick off the new year with a little education regarding the links between weight gain and these hormones, and the difference that our treatments can make.

Let’s Talk About Estrogen

Estrogen is the necessary hormone responsible for the development of female sexual characteristics (breasts and hips). During menopause, the female body suffers from hormone depletion, especially estrogen and progesterone. Doctors will say that estrogen levels are decreasing, which is why it’s confusing to hear that estrogen dominance can cause weight gain in menopause.

Let’s Talk About Estrogen Leawood, KSWhile estrogen levels decrease during menopause, if your progesterone levels are decreasing more than your estrogen, you can still have estrogen dominance. Basically, if you have MORE estrogen than progesterone, no matter how little it is, you can gain weight and store more fat around your middle. And, no surprise—it’s believed that most women tend to have an estrogen dominance.

What About Men?

There is also a strong connection between weight gain in men, and testosterone depletion. Low testosterone and high cortisol seem to increase body fat, especially in the midsection, and decrease muscle mass in men. The aging male body tends to convert testosterone into estrogen which leads to even more increases in body fat as well as low drive and life energy. Increases in body fat and decreases in lean mass coupled with low energy, bad moods and no “oomph” are drivers for poor health.

Testosterone is a brain hormone. Testosterone depletion drives stress and anxiety levels higher as testosterones the calming and coping influence on the brain is more and more absent. Men feel less in control, less able to think clearly, less able to solve problems and generally less engaged. Their bodies simply don’t respond to changes in diet, exercise or even excitement.

This can create a hormonal cascade in the male body. Testosterone levels deplete with age and sickness, stress and anxiety increase, energy levels decline, they struggle to get to sleep and stay asleep. They wake up tired and drag themselves through each day. The adrenals work overtime pumping out cortisol which elevates blood pressure, wastes muscle mass and leads to increases in body fat. Often the thyroid gland just gets to tired. That compounds the energy problem. We hear them tell us that they feel like they are a stranger in their own bodies.

Bottom Line

If you identify with any or all of these you are most likely experiencing testosterone depletion. The good news? This doesn’t have to be a permanent condition! Enter: Regain Natural Hormone and Wellness Center. Maybe this is the year that you Regain YOUR balance, and start the trip back to health and well-being…

All of us at Regain Natural Hormone and Wellness Center wish you a happy and healthy 2018!