All About the Body Right Treatment in Kansas City

An example of the Body Right Treatment in Kansas City

If you’re like approximately half of all Americans, you want to lose weight. But even after you reach your ideal weight, you still may not have achieved the body you’ve always wanted. 

It can be a discouraging thought, but fat deposits don’t always vanish when you drop the excess pounds. Everyone’s bodies are different, but if you want to get the fit, toned look you’ve always fantasized about, you should consider a Body Right treatment in Kansas City.

At Regain Functional Medicine + Aesthetics, we offer a number of treatments to help you feel and look your best. Learn why Body Right could be the right treatment for you.

An Effective Combination

Body Right isn’t just a simple fat reduction treatment—it’s actually a combination of two separate cosmetic procedures. Body Right works because it combines the benefits of PHYSIQ and microneedling for truly transformative results.

With the help of modern cosmetic technology, you don’t have to live with an appearance you’re not proud of. So, don’t simply ignore a problem that you can fix—consider a Body Right treatment in Kansas City.


PHYSIQ is our number one choice for fat reduction at Regain. PHYSIQ uses specialized electric pulses to stimulate underlying muscles and burn fat.

It’s almost as if you’re working out, but unlike exercising at the gym, you don’t have to lift a finger when you’re receiving a PHYSIQ treatment. We’ll simply ask you to lay down while we place the applicator on the desired treatment areas.

The PHYSIQ procedure is not only convenient, it’s also completely painless. Once the procedure is complete, you can head home with no downtime! But, of course, if you’re considering a Body Right treatment, then PHYSIQ is only half of the package.

Virtue RF Microneedling

The second half of the Body Right treatment in Kansas City is Virtue RF microneedling. The Body Right treatment isn’t just for weight loss.

We want you to feel that your entire appearance has been rejuvenated from top to bottom. RF microneedling is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to rejuvenate wrinkled or damaged skin and treat stubborn areas of fat.

Part of the Body Right Treatment in Kansas City

RF stands for radiofrequency, which is the energy that makes microneedling effective. During this procedure, the skin is stimulated with a number of small needles (for which microneedling is named).

In conjunction with radiofrequency energy, these microneedles cause micro injuries in the skin, stimulating collagen production and skin tightening. Collagen is an important protein for skin growth. Excess collagen results in rejuvenated skin, free from wrinkles and damage.

When combined with PHYSIQ fat reduction, RF microneedling will help you look better than ever.

Regain Your Confidence

It’s never been easier to look your best. At Regain, we have a number of different treatments that can improve your overall quality of life. Are you hoping to learn more about our treatment options?

Then we recommend taking a look at our treatment planning tool. We developed this custom online tool because we wanted to make planning your cosmetic procedure as convenient as possible.

All you’ll need to do is answer some questions about your current condition, and we’ll get started formulating a treatment plan for you. It’s free, so try it today.


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