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You may not have realized it, but great sex can mean better health for you and your partner. Heart-pounding orgasms, the connection with your partner before, during, and after sex, plus the amazing cocktail of beneficial chemicals and hormones released in your body from good sex can make life better in more ways than one!

At Regain Functional Medicine + Aesthetics, our sexual health clinic in Kansas City helps men and women achieve better health, including better sex. Through our treatments, therapies, and medicines, you can keep that good feeling going for years—or even decades—to come.

Call us at 913.392.4147 in Leawood, or 913.291.8555 in Lawrence. You can also request a consultation to talk about reigniting your sex life. Either way, read on about the benefits you will love getting from your love life.

Why Good Sex Is Good for You

First, let’s be clear: not everyone needs to have sex. Some people live quite happy lives with infrequent, rare, or no sexual encounters. Having good sex does not equate to living a good life.

However, fulfilling sexual relationships have been proven to boost health in multiple areas of our lives.

Relationship Satisfaction

Sexual satisfaction plays a crucial role in enhancing overall relationship satisfaction. Men and women who achieve sexual fulfillment, both in pleasing their partner and achieving their own orgasm, often report a higher sense of contentment and stability within their partnerships.

This satisfaction translates into elevated levels of happiness, both in the relationship and in general life.

Improved Mental Health

A healthy sexual relationship contributes to better mental health. Engaging in sexual activity allows partners to connect on a deeper emotional level, strengthening their bond and providing a tangible expression of love and affection.

This connection fosters a sense of intimacy and mutual support, reducing feelings of anxiety and depression for a healthier, happier relationship.

Stress Relief

How do you de-stress after a tough day? Many Americans grab an alcoholic beverage, click on the TV, and “zone out” for a while.

What if sex could erase that stress?

Sexual activity impacts brain chemistry as a powerful stress reliever.

During sex, the brain releases dopamine, a neurotransmitter associated with pleasure and reward. This release creates feelings of joy and satisfaction.

At the same time, levels of cortisol, the hormone responsible for stress, decrease significantly. This hormonal shift alleviates stress in the moment and contributes to long-term stress management. Regular sexual activity can help mitigate the adverse effects of chronic stress, such as high blood pressure and weakened immune function, promoting overall well-being.

Boosted Immunity

Engaging in regular sexual activity can increase the production of immunoglobulin A (IgA) antibodies, which play a crucial role in your body’s immune response.

Higher levels of IgA can enhance the body’s ability to fend off infections, particularly common colds and flu viruses. Individuals with an active sex life may experience fewer and less severe bouts of illness, contributing to better overall health and reduced sick days.

Reduced Prostate Cancer Risk

Regular ejaculation has been linked to a reduced risk of prostate cancer in men. Studies suggest that men who ejaculate multiple times per week are up to 31% less likely to be diagnosed with prostate cancer by the age of 70.

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Maintaining a healthy sexual routine may be a healthy preventative measure against one of the most common forms of cancer affecting men.

Better Memory

A fulfilling sex life has been associated with improved cognitive health, especially in later life. Research indicates that sexual activity can enhance brain function, potentially reducing the risk of dementia and other cognitive impairments.

The stimulation involved in sexual activity promotes the release of neurochemicals that support brain health, such as oxytocin and dopamine. These chemicals not only improve mood and emotional well-being, they also contribute to better memory retention and cognitive processing.

Support Your Sex Life With Help From Regain

At our sexual health clinic in Kansas City, you’ll find multiple ways to support your sex life and fight the issues that get in the way. Let’s explore some of the more common issues that women and men face, and how we help you address them for better function.

Sexual Dysfunction in Women

Women’s bodies are constantly changing. From the hormonal upheavals of puberty, to childbirth and the onset of menopause, these changes can adversely affect a woman’s sex life.

Regain’s sexual health clinic in Kansas City provides therapies and treatments that not only lessen or alleviate the symptoms, but help treat the cause of the issues. You don’t have to let these changes dominate your intimacy and interrupt your much-deserved pleasure from sex.

Vaginal Rejuvenation Rolls Back the Years

As women age, have children, or undergo hormonal shifts caused by illness/medication or injury, their vaginal skin, tissue, and muscles can weaken and lose elasticity. This fact contributes to other issues, such as vaginal dryness, lowered libido, and sometimes an inability to achieve an orgasm.


Reclaim lost ground with our nonsurgical sexual wellness and vaginal rejuvenation treatments, such as:

  • Forma V. Combines RF energy and heating for improved sensation, lubrication, and function.
  • VTone. Delivers electromagnetic energy to restore pelvic floor strength.
  • Morpheus8v. Uses both microneedling and RF energy to strengthen vaginal wall and vulvar tissues to enhance sensation and lubrication.
  • Oxytocin. A peptide hormone treatment that enhances arousal and a sense of closeness/intimacy with your partner.
  • O-Shot. This series of injections uses your blood’s own healing power to increase arousal, enhance lubrication, and provide greater sensation with more powerful orgasms. Regain is a Certified Provider of the O-Shot.

Hormone Replacement Therapy

The stages of life that women go through involve changes—and sometimes great upheavals—in their hormone balance. From hot flashes to mood swings, skin changes to libido loss, the symptoms can diminish what was once a robust and satisfying sex life.

Our bioidentical hormone replacement therapy can rebalance your hormones for better function, better mood, and a better sex drive. BHRT does this by replacing the depleted hormones you used to have when you were younger.

These hormones drive libido, enhancing your sex drive. Also, due to the BHRT, your system functions better for improved sleep, mood, weight loss, and more. All these can contribute to the desire to have more sex—because you feel better about yourself overall!

Becoming Your Best Self

Women deserve to live their best lives. Our aesthetic and wellness treatments help you achieve new levels of self-esteem and self-confidence, so that you feel more open to the world and to relationships.

Invest in yourself with these empowering options that accentuate your natural beauty:

Sexual Dysfunction in Men

The Regain sexual health clinic in Kansas City helps men address sexual dysfunction such as ED, premature ejaculation, and body image issues.

Erectile Dysfunction Treatments

Men of any age can discover they have trouble achieving and sustaining an erection. Regain provides several forms of ED treatments and medications, including:

With a variety of customizable treatments available, we can match you with a solution that works for you.

Hormone Balance

If you’re suffering from hormone imbalance or a lack of testosterone, our testosterone replacement therapy can put you back on track to an enhanced libido, more energy, and improved mood.

Improving Self-Image to Boost Confidence

Sometimes sexual dysfunction goes beyond performance in bed. If you’re uncomfortable with your appearance, Regain Functional Medicine + Aesthetics offers multiple treatments to help you love the way you look.

Make Self-Care Your Next Honey-Do

Men come to Regain’s sexual health clinic in Kansas City to achieve better health and better confidence. Whether you request an appointment or call us at 913.392.4147 in Leawood, or 913.291.8555 in Lawrence, you’ll connect with a Regain provider who never judges. We listen, we understand, and we help you find solutions to live stronger, better, and longer.

Why choose Regain as your sexual health clinic?

In Kansas City and across the metro area, women and men discover the benefits of better sex and better function through our treatments and therapies.

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At Regain Functional Medicine + Aesthetics, you’ll experience care from a team of dedicated, compassionate providers who share one goal: making sure you get what you need to live better! You can also depend on Regain because we offer:

The most experienced providers in the area, with a combined 85 years of medical knowledge!
An on-site medical director who’s available to answer patient and staff questions or concerns.
A long history of excellent patient care, with over 300 5-star reviews!

Improve Your Sex Life

Whether you come to our Leawood or Lawrence location, Regain will help you reclaim your sex life and improve your performance. Do it for your health—and for your satisfaction! Your partner will thank you.

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