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3 Signs it’s Time to Switch to Waxing

Learning to shave is a rite of passage, but when you really want that hair gone, it’s not the most effective. If you’ve considered waxing but are still unsure about the whole deal, check out our tips below. With our waxing in Leawood at Regain Functional Medicine + Aesthetics, we’ll get you ready for a smoother experience.

1. You’re Shaving Every Other Day

Even with the closest shave, you’re not actually getting rid of hair. At best, you are trimming it down very close to the surface of the skin. After a day, you can already feel that prickle of your hair righting itself and getting ready for a come-back.

Waxing completely removes the hair from its roots in your skin. To maintain a sleek look with a razor, most people need to shave every 2–3 days. With waxing, you only need to come in every 3–4 weeks.

2. Razor Bumps and Ingrown Hairs

Are you seeing little bumps pop up on your skin after shaving? On lighter skin tones, these may have a reddish color, and on darker skin, they will have a darker brown color.

These may look like acne, but they are actually razor bumps. Razor bumps can be irritating and itchy—not to mention, they stand out so much that you might wish you had just kept the hair!

Razor bumps are caused by ingrown hair. Because you are merely trimming your hair down when you shave, these short hairs can curve into your skin, irritating the area. This is especially common if you have curly hair.

Ingrown hairs can appear quickly after a shave, and the area will continue to be irritated until your hair grows out, when these hairs will be able to pop out of your skin.

With waxing, you can avoid these ingrown hairs.

3. Your Skin is Becoming Irritated

If your shave is too dry or too fast, or you shave in the wrong direction or with a dull blade, you will probably experience irritation and swelling. Razor burn is common, especially for people with sensitive skin.

If you often get nicks and cuts when you shave, you could also be exposing yourself to infection. Small cuts are hard to see, hard to treat, and easy for bacteria to get into.
You can avoid irritated skin by waxing. As an additional benefit, waxing exfoliates! This gives your skin an additional opportunity to be silky-smooth.

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Waxing can be a more effective and time-saving option for hair removal. If you find yourself shaving all the time, or if shaving is just causing more problems, come by Regain Functional Medicine + Aesthetics for waxing in Leawood. We also offer dermaplaning, laser hair removal, and many other treatments to get that hair gone and your skin looking its best.

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