Hormone Testing in Kansas City

Take the Test to Feel Your Best: Hormone Testing at Regain

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You haven’t been feeling like yourself lately. From experiencing constant fatigue—even after a decent amount of rest—to not sleeping well, gaining weight for no apparent reason, and generally feeling out of sorts, you may be suffering from hormone imbalance.

But how do you know for sure?

Talk to the experts at Regain Functional Medicine + Aesthetics. Our hormone testing in Kansas City can determine whether your hormone levels are off, so that together we can address your symptoms by treating their root cause. Schedule a consultation, or call us at 913-392-4147, and read on about how our hormone testing works.

Visual Examination and Discussion

At our initial consultation, we’ll share an open and honest discussion about the issues you’re experiencing. This is a safe space for you to talk about your concerns, including intimacy and the things that are impacting your quality of life (brain fog, depression, fatigue, etc.).

We’ll also look at your age and where you are in life health-wise. These factors, when understood by a hormone expert, may provide enough information for hormone testing in Kansas City, potentially leading to a hormone imbalance diagnosis and prescription of hormone replacement therapy based on the prevalent concerns.

Lab Testing

When our discussion of your concerns, age, medical history, medication review, symptom review, and family history doesn’t provide enough basis for a determination, we’ll take a blood sample and schedule a comprehensive lab panel.

The blood test results return within 1 week and are reviewed by you and your provider.

We combine this data with the rest of your information and formulate a custom treatment plan for HRT that specifically addresses your unique needs.

Treatment and Monitoring

After your hormone testing in Kansas City is done, we develop a starting dose of hormones for you. We prefer injections as the best method for hormone dosage delivery. They are simple to do, keep your hormones more consistently balanced, and allow us to quickly alter dosages to achieve optimal results.

We’ll see you weekly during the first 4 weeks to make sure all is working well. When your symptoms resolve or greatly improve, we know we have achieved the correct dose. You’ll then come in monthly or every 2 to 3 months for a check-in.

We repeat the lab panels yearly unless otherwise indicated to make sure your hormone balance stays at peak functional levels for your BHRT or testosterone replacement therapy.

When “Normal” Is Anything But

Getting results back from labs provides excellent data. However, interpreting those results is something completely different.

Corporate care providers must do lab tests for possible hormone replacement therapy. The lab to which they send the test sets their own standard for what a “normal ratio” looks like. There is no overarching standard for hormone levels. The lab that the corporate provider is using this year may not be the same one next year, and those two labs may have different ideas of what a “normal” hormone balance looks like.

With corporate providers, if you fall in the “normal” range, insurance doesn’t pay, and you don’t receive BHRT—even if you exhibit issues!

Choose Better Hormone Testing in Kansas City

Let the team of hormone experts at Regain Functional Medicine + Aesthetics do your testing. Lab work may not be necessary if we determine that your symptoms, age, and medical background already warrant treatment.

Because we don’t accept insurance, we can quickly and effectively provide diagnosis and treatment without outside interference. Schedule a consultation or call us at 913-392-4147, and let’s get the ball rolling. We empower you to choose the therapies and treatments that get you the results you need.

Regain Gives and Gets a Better Grade of Health

You deserve to live your best life, and we can help make that happen. Our medical clinics in Leawood and Lawrence treat patients to a whole-body health transformation from the inside out, using a vast array of treatments and cutting-edge equipment

We listen, we make sure you are heard, and we remain with you every step of the way, restoring your functional health and meeting your aesthetic needs and goals. When it’s time to feel like yourself again, it’s time for Regain.

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